Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

Bondan & Fade2Black "Terinjak Terhempas"

you guys invite to my word..
A part of fade2black..bondan prakoso..
Reppresent..can ya feel me..?

Berdiri sbagai sampah.. Terinjak, terhempas
Lingkungan bagai surga.. Terinjak, terhempas
Berdiri tanpa arah.. Masih berdiri, tetap terhempas!
Melangkah, berdarah, berpeluh, terkunci, tersiksa..
I tell you, this is a hell!

..You got to rollin this.. keep rollin B!

Know you got to know what you live to believe
bosan bergerak terbatas, cant be real
when you broke down im the first on your list
you drive me well and im livin with my own self
tetap beranjak, langkah kakiku bergerak
batasan terkontak serentak terhujan ledak!
galaksi surga khayalan yang sudah lalu..
kaku terpaku, aku yang membisu kau yang tertipu

Sadari.. kau lelah berdiri.. (Im the weakness whos the weakness)
Sadari.. kau kalah.. bertahan (you the loser,im the loser,they all the loser noe,cmon)

Another part, another dimension..
Try..try.. try to slow down..
even in hard way i wanna play down
let them people pay an attention
reality show with the stupid reaction
aktor ^%&^# peran utama
situasi berbeda dari.. layar kaca
and listen im really wanna be like me MIKE..
but you know what...? yo, MIKE wanna be like ME!!

Heey..ada cara lebih baik dari ini
lebih dari pikiran pintarmu yang menglabuhi
Oow.. wait just wake up and smell..
like house of Pain say.. "So tell me who's the man!!

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Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

not with me

i'm walking up from my summer dreams again
try to thinking if you're alright
then i'm shatttered by the shadows of your eyes
knowing you're still here by my side

I can see you if you're not with me
I can say to mayself if you're OKAy
I can feel you if you're not with me
I can reach you mayself, you show me the way

live is never be so it easy at seems
'till you come and bring your love inside
no matter space and distance make it look so far
still i know you;re stil here by myself

yeah..you msake me so alive...you give the best for me..love and fantasy
yeah...and I never feel so lonelycoz you're always here with me..yeah..always here with me